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  • Bad Donation Forms Suck

    While sipping my morning coffee, I stumbled, or maybe tumbled across this gem: Bad, ugly, atrocious, or crummy, they are all great words to describe the donation forms in the post. While these donation forms may be the worst of the worst in terms of...

  • 5 Mobile Frameworks You Should be Using

    Frameworks tie together websites like nothing else these days. In a way, they play the role of the medium between the raw HTML/CSS that the browser renders and the design and logic a web developer creates. But it begs the question, what is the best framework for you to use these days? With...

  • What is your #climatething?

    Climate change can be an overwhelming and abstract concept, often fraught with heightened emotion and (sadly) politics. But what if each of us could name (and fight for) something personal that inspires us to make real change in the world, bit by bit? A “Climate Thing”? In his passionate...

  • Business Case-ing your way through Non-Profit Project funding issues

    Source: Are you struggling with getting leadership to sign off on budget for your Technology or Marketing project? Do you constantly find yourself in situations where you can’t get enough funding for projects? Do you have to keep...

  • What’s the data telling us? A weekly blog exploration.

    Big Data. Data Visualization. Analytics. Data is everywhere we look these days, even if we don’t realize it. To that end, here at Beaconfire HQ we thought it would be cool to explore what data derived insights are inspiring us weekly. So in the vein of Will it Blend, we present our first weekly...

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