Where’s Marissa: SxSWi Edition

I  may not seem as excited to go to SxSWi as some of my fellow techno-nerds here at Beaconfire. I don’t wait in line for free beer.  I don’t stand in the back of crowded rooms to see celebrities. And never, ever in a million years, will I ride in anything that looks like this:


But even serious, practical me has to admit, there are a few sessions that are making me giddier than when I lowered a bounce rate by 10%.

Here are just a few of the sessions I’m thrilled about.

And if the sessions get too crazy crowded, you’ll find me in the Beacon Lounge, doing good stuff with good people.


Get Good With Beaconfire @SxSW 2014

Since 2009, Beaconfire has proudly hosted The Beacon Lounge, a unique oasis at South by Southwest Interactive where do-gooders and geeks can relax, connect, and re-charge. And we’re excited to see you there next week!

Ad Week named The Beacon as the 2nd most talked about lounge at SxSW 2013, and with good reason. Where else during this exciting (but exhausting!) event will you find great people, inspiring conversations and live music with tasty refreshments all at the same time? Oh but wait! There’s more …

Do Good Dialogues
During each session break, today’s most innovative voices – designers, writers, technologists, advocates, and business leaders – will share true world-changing (and often disruptive) ideas from The Beacon Lounge stage. These Do Good Dialogues (#DGD) will highlight cross-sector ideas and unique voices. Swing by – you never know what (or who) you’ll see. Check out all the planned chats on our schedule.

Then, enlist the help of the social good community to flesh out your own great ideas. Post a topic on the Big Board in The Beacon, invite people to join the discussion and LoungeSource it – an informal conversation focused on collaboration and problem solving. You’ll even get a limited-edition LoungeSource T-shirt for sharing your brilliance. Already inspired? Tweet #loungesource with your idea right now!

3.sxgood“What’s your #SXgood?”
Change takes more than talk – our individual actions make a difference in the world. At SxSW this year, tweet #SXgood to share personal images that answer “What is your #sxgood?”. These photos could be pictures from SxSW (hanging in the Beacon Lounge, attending a session, etc.) or of actions taken in the past (volunteering, attending a rally) or simply things that inspire (forests, oceans, people). We can’t wait to see what moves you.

4.musicPlay Hard, Do good
In the Beacon, we always walk the #sxgood talk. Our afternoon Happy Hours are not just filled with beer, food, and awesome music but also raise money for Sweet Relief Musicians Fund with each performance. Check out all the details on our schedule.

5.sponsorsIt Takes a Village to Lounge with a Conscience
The Beacon couldn’t exist without incredible industry partners and sponsors. Meet our tribe: APCO Worldwide, Web Visions, NTEN, Salsa Labs, gmmb, Postano, CDS Global, Mozido, VounteerMatch, and Small World Labs.

Over the last few years at SxSW, we’ve loved meeting many clients and partners in The Beacon Lounge and making new friends. Please stop by room 8B on the 3rd floor of the Austin Convention Center, grab some coffee (or a beer!) and say hi. See you there!

- Your Beacon Lounge Cruise Directors

P.S. If you can’t make it to Austin this year, follow @Beaconfire on Twitter to feel like you’re lounging with us!