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Death to Website Redesigns

, Monday, January 26th, 2015 at 3:23 pm

Considering a website redesign?  Feeling like redesigns are expensive, time consuming projects fraught with political landmines?  And, just when you finish one, it will be time to start over again?

Angry Villagers

Angry villagers hate everything – especially redesigns.

I hear you.  The redesign process can be exhausting and, as sites get larger and more complex, can be difficult to maintain – let alone rationalize.  Occasionally, an all-in approach is warranted but… prepare yourself for what you’re about to read…

A redesign might not be the best way to solve your challenges.

As your digital program has matured, you may have developed a robust and usable CMS, good governance practices, solid information architecture, an established brand presence and good search traffic.  With stable, solid footings, you don’t need to start from scratch.  Instead, of a revolutionary redesign, start thinking “evolution” and planning for refinements and updates to build and improve upon your foundation.

Let’s be real.  Changing your approach from a revolutionary, complete overhaul to a more incremental and evolutionary process doesn’t mean the work does itself.  But an evolutionary approach does keep the site – and your other digital properties along with it – front and center in strategy, planning and execution.  And it eliminates the drama and tension of the revolutionary once-and-done (but not really done) approach.

At Beaconfire, we’re helping our clients think differently about their website redesigns: moving from revolution to evolution. If you’re interested in promoting digital evolution at your organization, join me to get started at Death to Website Redesigns, a Beaconfire Webinar on Thursday, Feb. 5 at Noon, EST.