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Client Spotlight: Legacy is Spreading the Love!

By , Monday, February 10th, 2014

Quitting smoking is hard. As a matter of fact, it takes smokers an average of 11 attempts to quit for good. That’s why Legacy is asking you to #LoveYourQuitter this Valentine’s Day. Support from friends and family makes all the difference to a smoker trying to quit, especially when it feel like quitting is impossible. It’s not impossible. It just takes time, tools and support. A little love goes a long way…

To spread the message of love and support, Legacy teamed up with Beaconfire to take the internet by storm and make their Valentine’s video go viral. We developed a strategic plan to get maximum exposure across social networks, on their flagship site (, and on their smoking cessation site, An overlay focuses on sharing the video, and the campaign is featured in EX’s online newsletter, The EX Connection.

With a goal of reaching as many friends and family of “quitters” this Valentine’s Day as they can, Legacy is showing that love can help save lives, and that’s a message worth spreading.

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