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Let’s talk about page weight

By , Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

"Scale Face" photo credit playingwithpsp at Flickr

Credit: playingwithpsp @Flickr

We have an epidemic spreading on the Internet right now. No, it’s not a computer virus. No, I’m not talking about a technology like Java or Flash. What I’m talking about is an epidemic of obesity. Too many web pages are overweight, and they’re clogging up our broadband and mobile connections like a fleet of mobility scooters clogging the aisles of a Walmart.

Michelle Obama isn’t coming to save the day on the obesity of your webpage any time soon though, so you had probably best start taking the matter of page weight into your own hands.

Page weight” refers to the size of a webpage, and the count and size of all its associated assets like stylesheets, script files, images, and tracking pixels.

Your web page probably started out with a reasonable page weight, a taut and seductive 100KB perhaps.  But over the months and years, as layers of design refreshes and new features have begun to accumulate, I bet your page is starting to tip the scales. 500KB? Maybe even over a megabyte? Now how many JavaScript files do you have on your page? You probably started with 2 or 3. How about now? 10? 20? It’s okay. Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

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