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The Company We Keep

, Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 at 7:57 pm

Here at Beaconfire, we’re honored to work side by side with some of the biggest brands in the non profit, mission-focused and cause-driven world. While launching a new site is an accomplishment for our project teams, we are honestly more excited for the digital journey the new site will carry our clients on next. (yeah, that may be a bit unusual for an agency, but it’s who we are so nyah)

That being said, we get a little giddy when one of our clients is duly recognized for rocking the world with their awesomeness. To wit, the Brick Factory just named, The American Diabetes Association‘s flagship website, the #1 best trade association website. This is what it must feel like when your child graduates summa cum laude from Harvard.

How did this all come about you ask? Since DC-based Brick Factory is surrounded by trade associations, they set out on a quest to determine which have the best websites and why. They started with 50 of the largest and narrowed it down to a list of their top 10. And of course our latest pride and joy was honored as the best. The top of the heap. The talk of the town. The… Oh, you get the picture.

In their words:
“This is one of the only websites on our list that doesn’t have a slider. The American Diabetes Association has an attractive, modern website that uses visuals and icons very well. Also, their original content is outstanding: relevant, entertaining, and tailored to their audience. We love the featured recipes!”


Lets put aside all the other accolades for a second and just focus on one: lack of a slider. I wanted to hug the Brick Factory folks really hard for calling this out. (in a non-creepy-fangirl way, of course). The market has been heralding the death of every website’s large rotating-hero-space-image-with-text-that-no-one-reads-or-clicks for a while. Yet the slider/slideshow/carousel lives on even though metrics prove it ineffective time and time again. We conspired with our client on this project to test a theory: If you actively engage your audience in your content, rather than allow them to passively consume it, what would happen?

Apparently if you’re the American Diabetes Association, all that happens is you noticed for doing something audience focused, content driven and downright fabulous. Seriously, go to right now and play with it. I’ll wait. (And I double dog dare you not to take an action.)

We are psyched that the American Diabetes Association was recognized, and can’t wait to see where they get honored next. Oh, and about that rumor about being so proud of our clients that I keep screenshots of their sites in my wallet, I can neither confirm or deny. (but gosh, they’re all so pretty…)