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Universal Analytics – To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

, Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 at 1:54 pm

Recently, a lot of our clients have been asking us if they should upgrade their standard Google Analytics (ga.js) to the new Universal Analytics (analytics.js.) Based on how Google has treated past versions of analytics (remember Urchin) we know that they will continue to support standard Google Analytics for several years, but that all new development will be done on the new version, Universal Analytics.

So, let’s upgrade, right?
As expected, Universal Analytics has a lot of great features that can’t be found in standard Google Analytics. This includes the ability to do more configuration customizations, the ability to import offline data (including offline conversion data), and from a reporting perspective the ability to see multi-device activity. As more users utilize different devices to interact with your website, multi-device tracking is essential.

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