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Making Life Easy: World Usability Day

By , Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Can you sense the shift in energy all around you?  Perhaps it’s because today is World Usability Day.  

Nov. 8 is World Usability Day

It is true.  There is an entire day dedicated to ensuring services and products are easier to access and simpler to use.  This year’s theme is the Usability of Financial Systems.   All around the globe, usability types will “investigate and advance the application of user-centered design methodologies to financial systems and services. As the global economy is facing difficult times financially, we think the promotion of more usable financial systems could assist in creating better decision-making models.”

Recently I’ve been wowed by the Bank of America app that lets you deposit checks by taking a picture of them with your phone.  Click. Confirm. Zip. Cha-Ching!  The Quicken software I use to reconcile my accounts, not so much. 

As you’re going about your day, consider whether the financial systems you use – bank site, software, app – make your life and decision making easier?  Or not?  If you have some time, why not do them a favor and let them know what you think they are doing well or not so well.  I’m sure they would appreciate the input. 

If you’ve already sent them a heuristic analysis of the product with a prioritized list of improvements, use that time instead to send Beaconfire your resume for our UX Lead position

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