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CNN says to Read This (about the Sleuk Rith Institute)

, Monday, November 24th, 2014 at 11:30 am

CNN HomepageWhile eating my morning breakfast and scrolling through the “READ THIS, WATCH THAT” section on CNN’s homepage, I noticed a familiar picture. Nestled between “landfill dogs’ face sad reality” and “this animal attacks, traps man in home”, was the headline “Cambodia’s Stunning Genocide Memorial” and a photo of the Sleuk Rith Institute.

We were thrilled to design the website for the visionary project and happy to see it getting the attention it so richly deserves. If you haven’t heard about the Sleuk Rith Institute and its inspiring mission and stunning design, the CNN article is a great introduction to the project. I can’t make the same promise about the article about Britney Spears reading a mean tweet.