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Beaconfire @ SXSW: Hard at Work!

By , Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Our next installment from the crew in Austin in which Eve plays with puppies and Jared watches a movie.  I have been assured these folks are working hard.

One of My Favorite Things

Eve and Mophie Rescue PupFrom Eve… Mophie’s rescue “lodge”.  A place on 5th and Trinity Streets where you can love on St. Bernard puppies & adults (thanks to their owners). The gentle giants will also take to the streets, armed with Mophie batteries, to save SXSW attendees who have tweeted a pic of their dwindling cell phone charge. Best part? Mophie partnered with the St. Bernard Rescue Foundation to raise awareness and help adopt out some big (really big!) fluffies in need of forever homes.

AI: Good or Evil?

From Jared… There always seems to be one Thing that stands out at SXSW. Last year it was 3D printing. This year it’s Artificial Intelligence. Whether it’s sessions on whether AIs will be the end or savior of humanity, robots all over the trade show floor or the amazing buzz-worthy film Ex Machina, AI is permeating the conference.

HEx Machina Director & Othersere’s Alex Garland, the movie’s director, talking about the film and why he feels like AI has reemerged in the arts and sciences. His answer summed up: a shared sub-conscious fear of AI replacing us.  Interesting and thought provoking topic.




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