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Interesting Discussion About Web Standards

By , Monday, March 12th, 2007

There is an interesting discussion following an article entitled Where Our Standards Went Wrong, in which the author, Ethan Marcotte discusses two sides of the web standards debate. In the article, Ethan tries to refine the message we as standards advocates are delivering.

Yet while the benefits of valid code may not be glamorous, we canâ??and shouldâ??talk about them. Validation isnâ??t an end result or a final deliverable; itâ??s an ongoing process that continues long after a site launches. If we donâ??t put the proper tools and commitment in place, our work will start looking like a late â??90s throwback, and if we donâ??t provide guidance and education on validation, the polished, perfect pages we produced will be snapped into software thatâ??ll produce tag soup in seconds flat.

Ethan also discusses some of the problems with Content Management Systems (and their often third-party) text editors, which are often central to the standards issues we face when deploying web sites for clients. In the discussion following the article, several people touch on this aspect, and even (gasp) offer some solutions.

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