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Beaconfire+RedEngine, Still counting…

By , Monday, May 18th, 2015

This is the last in a series of posts celebrating our merger. Last week I counted off the first 7 ways I love this merger. This last batch kicks off with #7 The combined experience our staff have from both the private and public sectors is pretty amazing. #8 We are both super committed to the social good sector. (After 16+ years if you count our beginnings at AppNet was there really any doubt?) #9 The RED staff really wanted to be part of a spirit animal family. #10 This merger doubled the size of our digital marketing team, making it even easier for us to #11 jointly bring more value to our clients. #12 We really wanted a longer company name for more scrabbble points.  Our values (#13) are incredibly similar, not just about social conscience, but also about working hard and laughing harder.  Last, but not least, #14… after working apart for the last 14 years, it just made sense to unite these two agencies who would rather be working every day with each other for excellent causes than anywhere else.


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