By Marissa

Representing at The NTC

Conference season is in full swing. Now that you’ve recovered from your South by Southwest hangover, swing by San Francisco for this year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC).

Stop by our booth during the science fair and throughout the conference. And see Beaconfire at their best at these workshops and presentations:

  • Eve Simon, whose panel at South By Southwest had a snaking line out the door, reprises her role as a design superhero. Join Eve,  Katya Issaeva of the Ad Council and Gopika Prabhu of Elefint designs as they discuss ways to overcome design villains.
  • Scott Lenger will be giving a talk on Engaging Mobile Design. Scott’s ideas and ingenuity will have you making a mobile presence that will get your constituents’ forefingers itching to swipe across your website.
  • Marissa Goldsmith will be conducting the workshop on Passing the Test: Landing Page Testing Made Easy.  So what if it’s a three hour workshop at the end of the conference. In this fun, exciting and productive workshop, you will leave with a test plan in hand. Dan Siroker, the CEO of Optimizely, and Elizabeth Nielsen of Feeding America will be there to make sure your plans go as planned!

Marissa and Food and Water Watch’s Jo Miles will be hosting an Data and Analytics Afternoon Tea.

If you’re going to be at NTC, let us know.  Stop by and say hello.

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2 Responses to “Representing at The NTC”

  1. AlexJB Says:

    Definitely looking forward to the mobile session! The afternoon tea is currently showing as ‘FULL’, and there isn’t much more description than the intriguing title. Should I crash it? ;-)

  2. Marissa Says:

    Who knew that data and tea would be so much fun!

    Alex – let me call Samovar – if we can increase capacity, we will. Just stop by the Beaconfire booth and I’ll let you know.

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