That’s what fans are for

Are you a fan of Beaconfire and our work helping non-profits achieve their online goals? If so, why not be one on Facebook as well?

We recently launched a Facebook page where you can keep up to date on what Beaconfire is working on, support the causes of some of our clients, see what’s new on the Beaconfire Wire, and learn about employment opportunities.

You can leave a comment on our Wall, or start a discussion in the pages-only Discussion Board section. We’ll also be premiering some of our upcoming Facebook-exclusive work on our page.

Being a fan of a company, candidate, or non-profit is akin to being their friend, with a couple small differences. First, you can always see us, but even if you’re a fan, we can’t see your profile. You also won’t get updates on your mini-feed about everything we do – just (very) occasional updates in your Facebook inbox from us.

Being a fan of our page is also a great way to see how pages work for when you’re ready to start one for your non-profit. As we’ve discovered, there are some similarities to profiles, but a few things you couldn’t do on a regular profile (like add free standing blocks of HTML or flash) and a few things you can’t do that you could on a profile (like add certain applications – pages have their own separate library).

So please click on that "Become a Fan" button in the top right of our Facebook page – we really appreciate your support.


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