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Connect With a Cause

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In my family, annual holiday cards have always been greatly anticipated. When I arrive at my parents‚?? home for Christmas, one of the first things I do is find the card basket (we keep all of the cards together in a basket) and settle in to ‚??catch up.‚?Ě I read letters about friends and families from my childhood and see pictures of their children and learn of their accomplishments throughout the year. For some, it‚??s the only time of year we hear from each other, but it‚??s a tradition that goes back years.

As I look to buy my own cards for this season, I wondered what type of cards I might get that would allow me to connect with friends and family over the holidays, and to share a little about myself by promoting and supporting a cause in which I believe.

Many nonprofit organizations sell cards directly and there are also Web sites where you can buy cards and select a nonprofit to receive a portion of the purchase price (usually 10%-20%).

Our clients, Half the Sky Foundation and Bread for the World, sell holiday cards on their Web sites, as do Amnesty International, the Sierra Club, the Humane Society, and many others.

Another good idea is to check with the local chapter of an organization you support. Many local chapters of nonprofits will commission local artists to create cards featuring area locations. These are especially nice to send to people from out-of-town to give them an idea of where you live.

Or, you can use one of the several Web sites which sell cards and donate a portion of the proceeds to a variety of nonprofits. The amount donated varies, as does the selection of nonprofits. One advantage of doing this is that you are able to select from many options and perhaps support more than one organization at a time.

Sites which offer cards for sale with a portion of proceeds include:

  • Good Cause Greetings donates 10% of proceeds to organizations such as America‚??s Second Harvest and Free the Children. They are a wide choice of charities covering many different sectors.
  • Cards for Causes donates 20% of proceeds to charities like the World Wildlife Fund, American Cancer Society, Teach for American and Habitat for Humanity. They also have a very large selection of charities and offer cards in Spanish as well.
  • Heartfelt Cards donates 10% and has fewer organizations from which to choose. Their charities include AmeriCares and Lock of Love and they seem to be more focused on the business client, allowing your business to express it‚??s support for a cause.

So take time this holiday season to connect with friends and family and stand up for a good cause at the same time.

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