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Blogs have long been great advocacy tools, but thanks to widgets they are the hot new fundraisers. So far we (at Beaconfire) Blog Widgethave worked on two widget campaigns and have been keeping track of a few others; here are a few things we‚??ve learned:

Bloggers read blogs so if your organization does not have a blog, it may be worth it to set one up. There is no quick and easy way to reach bloggers and gain their trust. We found that the earlier you initiate a ‚??Blogger Relations‚?Ě outreach, the better. There may also be bloggers laying dormant on your listserve, don‚??t be afraid to ask if they are there!

Blog WidgetIf you are not sure where to find bloggers that care about your issues, your site stats can yield some leads. Review the list of search engines and sites that refer visitors to your site; chances are they are coming from blogs or news source that bloggers use. If your site stats are too cumbersome, Technorati is also good place to start.

As flattering as it is to have BlogRaisers as far away as England, to keep them happy you will need to be able to process donations in multiple currencies. If you can‚??t, state that clearly on the campaign‚??s landing page.

Keep in mind that MySpace and some other sites restrict the use of some widgets, so try to create an alternative to your widget. Looking for widgets? Six Degrees, ChipIn, Kintera, Convio, GetActive and SpringWidgets are good starts. Happy BlogRaising!

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2 Responses to “BlogRaising with Widgets”

  1. Brittany Says:

    Another website that has a “do gooder” widget is Firstgiving is a website where anyone can come, make a personalized fundraising page, and then promote it with a widget on your blog. Also, with Firstgiving you can fundraise for any of the nearly 2MM non-profits that it can work with and Firstgiving will send any funds raised directly to the non-profit; eliminating the worry of where the funds are going and how they are getting there.

  2. Robert Tolmach Says:

    Another set of do-good widgets is at, which also lets you choose exactly what you want to do to make the world a better place. For instance, for just a few dollars, you can preserve an acre of the rain forest, provide books for kids, or fund cataract surgery to make a blind person see. Disclosure: my company provides services to this nonprofit website.

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