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NetSquared NetTuesday Meetup

Washington DC‚??s NetTuesday meetup was yesterday. (Aside: Wondering why NetTuesday is always on a Wednesday in DC? Michael Silberman, our hardworking organizer, says that it is so that we don‚??t conflict with another Tuesday event in the region.) We had two speakers for this session – Jeff Regen from Defenders of Wildlife and Rosalyn Lemieux from

Jeff Regen talked about the Earth Day Virtual March that Defenders and Care2 had done. Jeff‚??s advice? A virtual march can be successful if you had a good single/focused topic and good technology behind it. Defenders had a lot of bells and whistles for their virtual march – ipod every week for the activists who got more visitors to sign up, ability to choose and personalize your banner, etc. This reminded me of the AFSCME’s Stop Health Care Cuts Virtual March that we helped implement a while ago.

Rosalyn Lemieux talked about‚??s Save Darfur Virtual March that was to coincide with the actual event. She advised the organizers to think long and hard about why you want to do something like this. A petition campaign can be viral only if feel fulfilled doing something and proud about what they did that they would want to show it to their friends and family. What stood out for me in this was that she said that does not pass through petition campaign emails directly to anyone. Instead, they plan for a ‚??delivery event‚?Ě that involves the member community, is harder to ignore, and gets local press. Very useful tip if you are thinking of any petition campaigns.

Washington DC‚??s NetTuesday (which happens on a Wednesday ;)) gatherings are becoming larger and Michael is doing a great job of getting interesting speakers. So, if you are in the area, join up. There are a few other sessions around the country. See if there is one in your area on

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  1. Michael Says:

    great summary! thanks, usha. and thanks again to beaconfire for sponsoring this month’s meetup

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