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It Is Raining…

‚?¶Content Management System (CMS) selection and implementation projects out here! We seem to be having more than our fair share of these types of projects recently. It meant that many of us at Beaconfire had the opportunity to sit through multiple CMS demos from many vendors in the mid-market space.

It is usually the mid-market space that gets a lot of attention from us since many of our clients find their ‚??best fit‚?Ě solutions in that space on the basis of functional and/or financial considerations. So, without boring you to tears about every single vendor we saw and what we thought about each one of them, here are some general trends that we noticed:

  1. Many others CMS analysts have also noticed this and mentioned this one ‚?? there seems to be healthy interest among all vendors in increasing the usability of the tools. This is also aided by the fact that browser capabilities are also growing. So, many vendors are able to do things like emulating the desktop look and feel from within a browser, a feat that was unimaginable a couple of years ago.
  2. CMS tools are growing ‚?¶ and growing very well if I might add. Vendors seem to be placing their bets on beefing up their functionality and technical strength just so that they can attract some of those larger clients. The net result is that even the not-so-Fortune-500-yet clients (read organizations large and small) get to reap the benefits of this.
  3. Mid-market vendors are talking about large CMS implementations that are migrating from the enterprise CMS products to their own products. This seems to be the trend with all of the mid-market vendors, though I do wonder if we would get a different report if we spoke to some of the enterprise CMS vendors.

All in all, we are quite pleased with what we see here. There seems to a healthy growth trend and an even healthier competitive tendency among vendors (yes, I do savor the latter! ;-)).

After sitting through myriad demos, I do have one suggestion for all vendors ‚?? your CMS products are in 2005 (or thereabouts), but your demo sites seem to be stuck in 1998. Can you please put some time and effort into updating those demo sites?

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One Response to “It Is Raining…”

  1. Ed Batista Says:

    Usha, what would you like to see in the demo sites? Updated designs, or functionality, or both?

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