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Beaconfire @ SXSW: Authentic Social Change

By , Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Eve Simon defines social goodMonday, Eve led a Core Conversation entitled “Is Social Good the Next Killer App?”  By all reports, it was a fascinating conversation with passionate discussion about authentic social change through technology.  Check it out on Slideshare and watch for more about Social Good from her.



Jared, however, appears to have attended a session that was the polar opposite.  “Just because someone founded a $66 million dollar company doesn’t mean they have something insightful to say.  Monday I went to hear a rare interview with the founders of the messaging service Yik Yak (think anonymous twitter that shows you very local posts). It has been in the news lately around how it has been a platform for cyber bullying on high school and college campuses.”

“There was a great opportunity for interesting debate on the topic, but sadly the 24 year old founders who came up with the idea as fraternity brothers didn’t have much to offer on the topic. It became clear that these new millionaires simply came up with a good idea, got some good luck and off they went. I’m not saying that there are no 24 year old Internet millionaires who aren’t deep thinkers with valuable insight on the impact of technology, but sometimes the founder of a million dollar app, is just that and we shouldn’t expect them to be thought leader as well… Regardless of how much VC their app attracts.”

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