Strategy, Planning & Analytics

You’re tasked with identifying the ideal mix of digital strategies, tactics and tools that can meet your organization’s unique needs—and then ensure they are seamlessly integrated with offline strategy. This is no small feat given that your audience’s online relationship spans websites, apps, inboxes, social media, search engines and more across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. In addition, the diversity of the technologies involved and the speed with which the digital world changes can be a challenge.

Beaconfire clients have access to a tight-knit collection of highly experienced, multidisciplinary digital specialists. We will work closely with you to define outcomes for your digital programs and how best to achieve those results.  

You’ll rest easy knowing Beaconfire is always on top of best practices and cutting edge technologies for potential application to your needs. In addition to developing new strategies, Beaconfire will work with you to test concepts, evaluate pros and cons, and compare costs and benefits.  We’re looking for the technologies and tactics that will deliver the best results for your budget.

For over a decade, clients have worked with our strategy consultants to:

  • Develop innovative digital strategies that are informed by your data, tailored for your organization and audiences, backed by actionable roadmaps, and driven by specific goals – whether they be to grow online fundraising, advocacy, member engagement, or awareness.
  • Ensure reporting configuration and toolsets align with your goals and digital footprint so you have the analytics and testing capabilities you need to make the best decisions.
  • Evaluate technology options that make up the backbone of any digital program.

Do you need help with:

  • Assessing where your digital programs are today?
  • Defining strategies for taking your program to the next level?
  • Testing and measuring innovative new concepts?
  • Finetuning your analytics?

To learn more about how Beaconfire can help you: