Online Campaigns & Marketing

Your organization has more opportunity than ever to reach constituents wherever they are – on their computers at home or work, or on their mobile device when they are on the go. Engaging these audiences with a coherent story across all platforms is the key to a successful program.  Achieving this is the secret to building your online constituency of supporters, members, advocates, and donors.

Beaconfire has helped leading nonprofit organizations raise millions of dollars,expand their digital footprints, build audiences, increase awareness, share conversations, and recruit hundreds of thousands of new constituents online.

Our award-winning staff includes fundraising, marketing, creative, user experience, and technology experts that come from both nonprofits and Fortune 500.  Our most successful engagements leverage our diverse experience and provide clients with holistic, winning digital programs, and campaigns. We offer ongoing strategy and planning and execute the work we recommend to build your donor base through results-driven, constituent-focused, multi-channel integrated campaigns. These initiatives utilize the most effective marketing platforms – proven and emerging.

Our clients trust us to guide the translation of brand and technology into meaningful – and measurable – mission-focused results.

Do you need help with:

  • Auditing your current programs?
  • Developing new strategies for online fundraising, advocacy, or marketing?
  • Improving online conversion?
  • Testing and piloting new digital tactics?
  • Crafting email appeals, website fundraising promotions, or collateral for social media?
  • Setting up analytics, tracking and reporting?

To learn more about how Beaconfire can help you: