National Trust for Historic Preservation Community Site Build (Elgg)

Home is not just where you live -- it’s a reflection of YOU -- your personality, your passion, and your unique style. So creating an online community that brings out the passion people have for their homes and reflects the individuality of their restoration efforts is a job the National Trust for Historic Preservation entrusted to Beaconfire.

Beaconfire worked with the Trust to develop the engagement promotional strategy for the @home community place where homeowners build profiles of their historic homes, share restoration tips and photos, and connect with other historic home aficionados.  The community was developed using the Elgg platform along with custom development for special features.  The launch effort included a fun interactive quiz to determine a home’s personality, as well as “First State to 50” - a novel campaign that generated buzz and registration as members raced to be the first state to 50 home profiles.

Building online communities as unique as their members at

The @Home project included:

  • Community Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Development: Elgg
  • Development: Custom
  • Campaign Execution

@home community site design.

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