Wildlife Conservation Society

Analytics Strategy and Implementation

In 2009, the Wildlife Conservation Society launched its award-winning new website. WCS had the ability to see site traffic on Google Analytics, but found that the tracking didn’t tell them enough. They needed to understand not only who visited the site but how they were converting, and wanted someone who could help identify actionable changes. In 2010, they started working with Beaconfire to figure out how to make their websites even more effective. 
Beaconfire started by cleaning up WCS’s analytics – integrating tracking across all five of WCS’s zoo websites and e-commerce pages – allowing for the tracking of users and transactions as they jumped from one website to another and creating clearly defined goals. With robust new tracking capabilities in place, we then worked with WCS to identify which reports would give them the most important insights, helping them make the most of their limited time when they review their analytics data.

Now WCS can look beyond the surface. Instead of only seeing what pages are most popular, they can now see what pages are most profitable. Focusing on getting results – that’s what Beaconfire’s all about.

The Wildlife Conservation Society needed help to get a clear picture of the value of their online constituents.

WCS Analytics 1

We created a real-time, online Digital Dashboard integrating Google Analytics and Convio data for a single view of performance.

WCS Analytics 2

New insights are informing decisions for web page structure, email marketing, online advertising, and more.

WCS Analytics 3
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