National Council on Aging Redesign

The National Council on Aging collaborated with Beaconfire to improve their BenefitsCheckUp website, which provides seniors with limited income a way to find cost-saving, benefits programs. Not only did National Council on Aging want a website that was less about filling out program forms and more about finding resources, it needed features that appealed to their target audience of users aged 55+. They wanted their website to be visually welcoming, easy to read, present the most relevant information in a simple way, improve engagement, and increase donations. Moving forward, National Council on Aging wants the website to evolve into the organization’s primary consumer-facing resource.

To accomplish these goals, Beaconfire developed a clean look and feel for the new website. Copy is larger, sidebar features are more prominent, and the menu is easy to navigate. And yes, there are still forms to fill out, but they are not the main attraction. Instead, BenefitsCheckUp features an interface made with the user in mind and focuses on providing an enjoyable online experience. BenefitsCheckUp is sure to become a hub of activity and encourage participation in the country’s varied selection of assistance programs.

The project for National Council on Aging included:

  • Information Architecture
  • Creative Design
  • Interface Engineering

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