National Breast Cancer Coalition Website Redesign (Convio)

This is impossible. You can’t end cancer by January 1, 2020. And you certainly can’t reposition your organization, rebrand and redesign your website, and develop an ambitious online campaign within two months. Or can you?

Working under strict deadline of launch just before Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we collaborated with NBCC’s leadership team and branding agency to create a forward-thinking online vision for their new site and an online marketing strategy around Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®.

Leveraging the Convio CMS and COM modules, we implemented a new design and an innovative voting campaign, utilizing list-building and Facebook integration. Beaconfire created, executed, and maintained new welcome series and campaign messaging, keeping the base engaged throughout the pivotal year-end period. These combined efforts resulted in thousands of new supporters and tens of thousands of dollars raised during the launch phase.

Shared strategy, discipline, and teamwork. That is how we’ll change the conversation around breast cancer and end this disease for good.

The NBCC project included:

  • Online Marketing Plan
  • Website Build: Convio
  • Custom Action: Convio and Facebook Integration
  • Email Marketing
  • Analytics


Website facelift & marketing strategy.

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