National Breast Cancer Coalition

Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Ongoing Campaigns

Myth or truth? You can’t rebrand your site and launch a high impact online campaign in six weeks.

NBCC’s new logo, brand personality and a broad reaching online campaign – “Myths and Truths About Breast Cancer” – all had to launch by the start of Breast cancer Awareness Month 2009. Beaconfire hit the ground running with our Website Facelift and Online Campaign services. In 42 days, we re-skinned with a fresh design, deployed new Convio wrappers, created a widget for supporters’ sites, set up content and action pages, tested, and launched.

The results: Pageviews rose 100% over the prior period and previous year. Constituent base grew by 5%. Traffic has stayed high since launch.

Client thrilled. Myth busted.

The NBCC project included:

  • Online Marketing Plan
  • Creative Design
  • Website Build: Joomla & Convio
  • Analytics


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