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Member Foodbank Templates

Stop us if this story sounds familiar. A national nonprofit has a state-of-the-art website and a skilled online team that helps it get the most out of its online presence. Its local affiliates meanwhile, with only a couple staffers on the ground, are stuck with websites from 10 years ago. Well, Feeding America, with its 202 local member food banks, decided to do something about it. 

202 websites for the price of 3

Beaconfire worked with Feeding America to develop three template websites for its local members to use – sites that can go up quickly, be easily operated by people with limited online experience, and most importantly, have the functionality to help people in the local community.

Now, Feeding America can launch a new local member website – complete with its own color scheme – in less than an hour, and give them the hands on training to populate their site and keep it up to date.
The chance to build 202 websites for the price of 3? Deals don’t get better than that

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