American Lung Association Website Redesign (Convio)

A lot of organizations dream of having the problem the American Lung Association had: too much good content.  The problem? It wasn’t always so easy to find.

ALA’s old website had the same infrastructure for almost ten years.  They needed a new content structure to match expansions in content and changes in website focus. 
Beaconfire worked with ALA to clean up its information architecture so it was consumer-friendly.  Using the new content organizational paradigm, we helped them revamp their heavier, "wonkier" content so that both their general consumer and policy/research audiences could get information at a level appropriate for their needs.

So what does a site look like that drives donations, advocacy action, and where everyone from a Pulmonologist to a middle school student who wants to see how the respiratory system works can find what they need? Search no further than the new

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